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EMDR -- What Can Be Changed?

The memory, the thoughts, the feelings and its meaning can all be changed.  And when you change those, you get relief in the present because the memory (the source of the present problems) has been healed or resolved.  This often requires more than simply “talking about it.”  Why? Read on....

In order to cope, people often push out of their mind the difficult memories and feelings of past experiences.  That often provides a measure of some relief.  It is, therefore, a somewhat helpful coping mechanism.  But as long as there is a memory that must be coped with, it can still be activated and troublesome.  (For example, this is one of the mechanisms of PTSD) We can do better...

The natural life-force within each of us, with which we came equipped, wants to heal and make us whole. Whether it is a cut finger or an emotional hurt, nature will usually heal it naturally.  But sometimes it doesn’t.  The painful experience was too much or too repetitive.  Or you were just a child without the chance or maturity to heal.  Or there was no one to help.  Or as an adult, you just don’t want to have to continue to wait, struggle and try to cope.  EMDR is a way of accessing and activating your natural, built-in, capacity for healing to promote resolution and relief.  And much research and clinical experience confirms that it works for many people.  (There is no single therapeutic approach that will work for everyone all the time.)



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