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One Person’s Story About Finding EMDR

-- An excerpt from EMDR Made Simple  by Jamie Marich, PhD., Premier Publishing & Media, Eau Claire, WI, 2011.

Pg. 20 -- “I returned to the States and entered a graduate program in counseling.  What I encountered at my first practicum site blind-sided me; in many ways, it was worse than anything I saw in Bosnia.  I interned at a child and adolescent inpatient treatment facility and felt very triggered by the way staff members treated the children -- they were retraumatizing them!  I was powerless to do anything about it and would literally freeze, even dissociate, at the hospital.  Old memories resurfaced. I even felt suicidal at times.  I continued my recovery program and wanted to stay sober, but I was miserable.  A wise friend suggested I enter therapy again to address these surfacing issues.  Deep down, I knew he was right, but I was resistant.”

“ ‘ I know everything that the therapist is going to say,’ I argued.  ‘I know I’m good enough, I know that the past is the past, I know that my beliefs are irrational, but I just can’t get it to really sink in.’ ”

“Clearly, I was ‘treatment smart’ and cynical about whether traditional cognitive methods would continue to help me.  They had gotten me far, but not far enough.  I still felt like I was just functioning in life with a big black cloud hanging over me.  Desperate for solutions, I was willing to try anything alternative...”

“One of my graduate school professors, having listened to my dilemma, referred me to a therapist in my Ohio town who was known to utilize some different techniques and approaches.  I scheduled an appointment and soon met with my new therapist.  I immediately felt as though she understood my plight.  During our first session she suggested EMDR and sent me home with a pamphlet about it.  Like many desperate clients I have since treated, I said to myself, ‘Sure, why not.’  The fact that it was something different from the cognitive-behavioral, rational-emotive, reality therapy norm convinced me to give it a try.  At the time, I had no idea what I was in for!”

“... The EMDR helped me finish graduate school, guided me through a difficult transition into life as a professional, and relieved me, finally, of destructive suicidal thoughts.”

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