Keith Cook, Ed.D., Licensed Psychologist -- 2 Elm St., Waterville, ME  04901

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"From Daily Problems to Major Trauma...."


1.  Who do you work with, and what kinds of issues and challenges?     

          I enjoy working with --

  • Individual Adults, Children, and Adolescents     -- (Issues & Challenges)

• Couples (married or not)                                 -- (Issues & Challenges)

• Families & Parents                                           -- (Issues & Challenges)

2.  What kinds of therapy approaches do you use?

I have been doing counseling and therapy for over 40 years and use a variety of approaches depending on the person, their situation, and their goals. In fact research shows that experienced therapists from different theoretical orientations actually work in more similar ways than do inexperienced therapists who claim the same theoretical orientation. Experience changes you. Over the last 20 + years I have been doing a  lot of EMDR because I have seen how it often saves people time and expense compared to conventional “talk therapy”.  It helps heal and get on with living.

We use EMDR ONLY when you want and choose it.  My responsibility is only to let you know of our options. The choices are yours to make.  If you prefer more conventional therapy, then we use those approaches with which I am also well-experienced (Client-Centered, Gestalt, (CBT) Cognitive-Behavioral, (RET) Rational-Emotive Therapy, Problem Solving, Analytic, Family Systems, Relational, Existential, etc.)

My specialities for individual therapy are EMDR and CBT.