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"From Daily Problems to Major Trauma...."

Parent Coaching and Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

"Learn timeless skills and tools perfected over many years"


And We Show You How To ....

• Improve communication with your child or teen.  Reduce your stress... and


• Help your child or adolescent with their own upsets, anxieties, and struggles.

• Turn disagreements into cooperation.  Help kids get along.

• Develop stronger, more respectful relationships.

• Get your child or teen to listen to you and be responsible.

• Have a more peaceful household.

• Pass on your own important values to your kids.

~ What will I learn? -- Education not therapy.

P.E.T. or Coaching First -- Counseling later only if necessary.

Specific, proven, practical skills you can use right away.

     Prevent and solve daily problems with kids, and handle the big issues too.

     You will be surprised by the results you can get.

Your privacy is respected.

     In class you will not be asked to talk about personal matters but you may

     raise any questions that you wish.

~ Will It Work For Me?

Anyone can learn these skills. It is up to you to use them. We help you do that.  I have taught this course to physicians, business leaders, corporate executives, attorneys, managers, teachers, administrators and 6th graders.  (Guess which group was the toughest...)  They all learned the skills.

• Live class demonstrations and practice help you learn how to apply the skills and gain confidence.  

• Parents from all walks of life around the world are using P.E.T. skills to improve life and their relationships with their kids.  Dr. Gordon's book has been translated into several foreign languages and the P.E.T. course is taught internationally.  This is a comprehensive, in-depth, professionally designed and instructed course with an authorized instructor, not just a discussion group or a collection of tapes.

~ Here is what other Maine parents have to say about P.E.T.

* J.F. (mother) Pittsfield. - "I'm thinking before I speak to my son.  I'm using a more respectful tone.  I'm listening much better.  I feel better about myself and my relationship with my son is better."

* D.F. (father) Skowhegan - "Very enlightening, informative."

* M.G. (father) Waterville - "It helped me a lot not only dealing with my son, but also with my wife and other people."

* S.P. (mother) Oakland - "This course made me feel so much better about myself and my ability to parent."

Through my experience I have found that when parents have problems with children or teens it does not automatically mean that counseling is needed.  Oftentimes when parents are able to learn some new communication tools to use with their kids, the problems and upsets are far more readily solved and the relationship improves.  Many problems are intensified because of ineffective communication, and resolved when communication improves.

While there are many homegrown classes offered to parents these days, I teach the proven, tried and true skills and principles from Dr. Thomas Gordon's Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) in my coaching of parents.  

P.E.T. is rich and unique in many ways, not the least of which is that it does not aim to offer a specific solution for every problem that occurs. This would leave parents more dependent.  So, recognizing that each parent and each child is unique, P.E.T. offers specific tools which parents can use to create their own best solutions with their children and their that work for them.

The major challenge in any training or coaching is to help people bridge the gap between "knowing" the principles and "applying them effectively".  Therefore, coaching with P.E.T. is unique because it provides the crucial opportunities to actually apply what you are learning, not just hear it discussed.  In fact, parents have repeated opportunities to learn-- listening and reading for intellectual understanding, observing demonstrations, practicing in simulations, and real life opportunities starting with simple, low risk trials and building to your most important situations.


Just call or email.... We'll have a "no pressure" conversation.

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To learn all the P.E.T. skills and principles, you have two options:

1.  Coaching is usually conducted in my office, privately with individuals and couples on a fee for service basis at my prevailing rate.  Reading and supportive activities between coaching sessions are individually tailored.

2. I offer the complete P.E.T. Course for groups of parents at various times during the year. This is a rich, in depth experience of a 3 hour class, once weekly for 8 weeks. P.E.T. is offered nationwide and internationally. You will have ample opportunity for questions, and you decide whether to raise any personal matters. CALL to get on the list for the next class.