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Personal and Professional Coaching are individualized services for the purpose of assisting you in accomplishing your professional or personal goals.  While coaching is similar to counseling or therapy in some respects, it differs in several important ways.

Psychotherapy or Counseling is usually focused on resolving a personal or emotional problem in one's life.  This often aims to help the individual develop insight about the causes of their problem and its impact on them, then work to change how they respond to the cause. Sometimes insight alone is enough to help the person change.  Other times, more extensive and intensive methods are necessary.

A few examples where Therapy can be helpful are in dealing with:

     Anxiety, Panic, or Stress.  Depression, Grief, or Loss.  Emptiness in life. Avoidance and Compulsions.  Fears and Phobias. Addictions. etc…

Coaching, on the other hand, is focused on something you want to accomplish or improve in your life or work. We collaborate on strategies and approaches which you can implement to move toward reaching your goal however immediate or long term it may be.

Personal Coaching focuses on some aspect of your personal life that you wish to improve, while Professional Coaching focuses on your work, professional life, or career.

A few examples where Personal Coaching can be helpful are in developing:

     A more satisfying social life or friendships.  Improving performance — athletics, arts, drama. Managing your finances. Developing personal goals and meaning in your life.  Getting a project going. etc…

A few examples where Professional Coaching can be helpful are in developing:

     Conflict resolution for the work place.  Strategies for success in your work.  Clarifying and working on your important goals.  Specific approaches to solve a “stuck problem”.  Short term steps to solve an immediate problem.  Creating a long term vision for your career and a strategic plan to get you there.  Improving relationships and teamwork on the job. etc…

•  Coaching is done either in person or by phone.

Feel free to call or email me with your own questions about whether Coaching could be appropriate and helpful.  

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