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Professional Biography

Keith Cook, Ed.D., is a licensed psychologist in Maine who has been providing counseling and psychotherapy in a variety of settings for 40 years.  He earned the degree of Doctor of Education in the field of Counseling Psychology from the Universityh of Maine and subsequently held staff psychologist appointments at universityh counseling centers at the State University of new York at Albany and at the University of Maine.

He has served as adjunct faculty at several universities teaching graduate courses in counseling and psychotherapy, and serving on doctoral dissertation committees.

In 1971, he completed one of the first yearlong Family Therapy Training Institutes in upstate New York working with marriage and family challenges in the Virginia Satir Model at Capitol Distrcit Psychiatric Center, an affiliate of Albany (NY) Medical Center.

He has continued to have a very active private practice in Waterville, ME providing counseling and psychotherapy for individuals (children, adolescents, and adults), couples, and families from all walks of life.

Over the past 20 years Keith has been providing a great deal of speciality therapy for trauma, PTSD, abuse, loss, depression,anger, anxiety and panic, OCD and other life challenges for which he often uses EMDR -- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  This comparatively new therapeutic approach usually works more rapidly than conventional "talk therapies" at a deep level to achieve lasting resolution and relief.  

Keith has served as a psychologist in a community mental health center where he helped establish the first model for school psychological consultation services in Central Maine.  His school consultationservices spanned over a dozen years in six Central Maine school systems, while his teacher training workshops have covered more than 35 years and presently continue.

Additionally, Keith provides process consultation to work teams and a variety of custom designed workshops and seminars for leaders, executives, manageers and employees in a broad range of workplaces -- retail, manufacturing, services, professional practices, agencies, schools, government and ocmmunities. Topics include improving communication and work relationships, conflict resolution, visioning and strategic planning, team building, and stress management.

A current addition to his services is EMDR for Enhancing Leadership and Workplace Performance, an individually focused approach which works at a deep level to remove impediments and build on strengths.

He also completed and elightenening two year sabattical as a superintendent of schools in a rural Maine school system.  This proved to be a rich opportunity to implement and verify many of his principles and practices for encouraging employees to bring the best of themselves to their work.  This experienced hs commitment andinterest in using his understanding, experience and behavioral sciences knowledge to asist other employers in accomplishing the same.

Thought --  "Bigger is not necessarily better ... Consider blackflies in the spring."